Nor Easter Moving Away ... Tropics still intersting

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We are looking at the Nor Easter which is currently hitting the east coast will move away slowly.The raw weather we are seing currently will be replaced by more seasonable weather and more sunshine, We may go 6-10 days without precipitation , At least 5 for sure.


Forecast valid Thursday 00Z

Current Maps show the low pressure off of the NJ coastline with preipitation and gusty winds pushing back .This Noreaster is gaining strenth. We may see bombogenisis. Bombogenisis is the cyclone that drops 24 millabars with 24 hours.

While the rain is currently in the Philadelphia , Atlantic City and New York City, Boston will start having declining weather in the next 24 hours.

Forecast valid Thursday 18Z

By Saturday morning we will see the storm move away and high pressure move in and give sunshine and increasing temperatures

Day 5 Fronts and Pressures

By Monday the high pressure cell will be over the MidAtlantic and the nice peaceful weather will continue.


Source Intellicast

As you can see in the Jet Streme winds we have that closed off low overtop of the NJ NY Area.The Trof is located in the Central US as the Ridging is developing in the East Gusty winds will continue over the next 24-48 hrs in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast



Questions remain if we will see the Depression make Tropical Storm Strenth before the landfall and as it gets back into the Ocean warn tempreatures will increase signifigantly the potential for storms to actually develop.

Tropical Storm ANA



Stay Dry and another blog will be written soon



Dean D Davison


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Finally feels like October. Thanks for the update!
4 years ago
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